About The New Business Data Company

The New Business Data Company specialises in the supply of data of new business starts ups and key changes to existing businesses including relocations, new branches and change of ownership.

Traditionally companies have relied on published data such as telephone directories, however by the time these companies are listed they are well established and the opportunity to sell products and services within that crucial start-up phase has gone.

The New Business Data Company has recognised the need for companies to have a regular flow of new business leads to follow up, giving them a head start on their competitors.

The New Business Data Company obtains information from a variety of sources, which are then qualified by our expert in house research team based in Chester. The team carefully collects details via telephone from each new business, allowing The New Business Data Company to produce a list that can be segmented to suit client’s needs.

It is only after this quality audit that the information is deemed suitable for publication. Ensuring clients have a regular flow of leads which they can trust.

Many companies now trust The New Business Data Company to supply them with regular updates each time a new business is set up or there is a change to a business in their area, each change gives them the opportunity to make another sale. We can provide access to the data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to meet your requirements.


The New Business Data Company is the sister company of Data8 ltd which has many years’ experience in the data industry. Data8 ltd is the premier data enrichment specialist, ensuring customers completely trust their data.

Data8 believes that data needs to be at the core of any business in order to inform, direct and develop growth, this can only be done with clean accurate data.

If you wish to see the data cleansing services or postcode lookup software or any other services offered by Data8 please go to www.data-8.co.uk.

Businesses who use our service are:

  • Security services
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Credit card payment processing service
  • Web services marketing
  • Graphic services
  • Printing services
  • Office supply company
  • Computer services
  • Coffee and vending services
  • Recruitment services
  • Training services
  • Utilities
  • Electrical services